The Aftermarket Solution for OEMs
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empowering your customers with accurate aftermarket information at their fingertips with aftermarket solution for OEM

Aftermarket sales and services play a huge role in generating revenues for OEM. We offer an incredibly accurate aftermarket solution for OEM.

functionalities developed keeping the manufacturer in Mind - Aftermarket Solution for OEM


Accurate and Realtime Information


Filter and Search through e-catalogues

shopping cart

Quickly bring products to the market

service kits

Manage Diverse and Partly
Unstructured Data


Intuitive Portal for all Customer Groups

Unifying, Enriching and Validating your Aftermarket Information

  • Advanced import tools to bring together Engineering data, marketing material, technical documentation, and more
  •  Maintain legacy product information necessary to provide accurate service information and parts to older customers
  • Easily update all information for each new product released and import all new documents ranging from quality, safety, and legislation to usage, maintenance, and kits
  • Overcome the bottlenecks of incompatible file types and formats, redundancy, and inefficient data maintenance
  • Efficiently handle spare parts of hundreds of SKUs,
  • Improve team productivity and aid data governance through robust validation flows

Structuring and Publishing Aftermarket Information

  • Provide thorough part information by relying on supporting concepts like image, document, and content set files; hotspots; part replacement
  • Publications include PDFs, online spare part catalogue, and offline spare part catalogue (synchronization site)
  • Automate the entire process of aftermarket sales catalogue management right from creating a new catalogue to updating the catalogue information from a centralized environment to partner, dealers, and customers through a preferred channel, using our aftermarket solution for OEM
  • Map product information to ensure higher sales through exposing relationships such as replacements, kits, accessories, variants in the SKU
  • Search parts and information based on graphical navigation, traditional product structure navigation, product serial number, or search.

Providing relevant buyer-specific information to find the right product

  • Increase customer loyalty and employee productivity with up-to-date localized information through various channels.
  • Further customer engagement and loyalty by displaying customer-relevant data based on user definition
  • A well-implemented eCommerce portal can increase customer experience, customer retention, loyalty to your business, and revenue
  •  Provide one-step ordering, easy to create shopping lists while allowing users to place orders directly on the system or via downloaded shopping lists to be mailed for maybe, batch processing
Cross Sales and Statistics
Signifikant Aftermarket Use Cases