Enterprise platform for production, management, and maintenance of illustrated spare parts catalogue

Refine your E-BOM into an S-BOM in a smooth and automated process with a spare parts catalogue

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Find the right part in a few clicks


Sell more parts. Make it easy to place an order

manage parts catalogs

Create and manage parts catalogues efficiently

technical documentation

Share technical documentation

Signifikant is an integrated aftermarket platform that helps companies seamlessly consolidate aftermarket product information and effectively present it through a user-friendly interface. The solution may automate the entire process of aftermarket product catalogue management right from creating a new spare parts catalogue to updating the spare parts catalogue information from a centralized environment to partners, dealers, and customers through the web.

The Signifikant Platform provides fully automated creation of aftermarket spare parts catalogue with Illustrations, hotspots, and integrated parts list, with service-kit and Replacement chain support, all for direct online access or offline or print distribution. Storage and access to all documents published for the After-Sales Services over the full Product Life Cycle. This can be; parts catalogues, Illustrations, maintenance and service documents, services manuals, bulletins, training and instruction videos, knowledge base, etc. It is also the information channel for the partners and users to provide their feedback on the parts to the product owner.

Find aftersales products, accessories, and related documentation in a few clicks

  • Powerful search capability with navigation hierarchy to find part information
  • View different kinds of kits and multipacks
  • Powerful facet-based search as well as quick search
  • View product catalogue and service information through web applications or while disconnected from the internet
  • Customers with older products can still search for outdated parts
  •  Hierarchical product and parts data with company specified structure for better presentation and navigation

Share technical documentation

  • Distribute product documentation with your catalogues
  • Handle translations: catalogues available in multiple languages; Signifikant’s web viewer can be viewed in 29+ languages
  • Specifications: custom attributes with translated names and units that allow end-users to search for custom characteristics
  • Bulletins: technical newsletters that will appear to the end-user as a kind of mailbox, urging the end user to read the information
  • Footnotes: information that is highlighted with an information icon and that can either be shown on request or always
  • Provide thorough part information by relying on supporting concepts like image, document, and content set files; hotspots; part replacements

Manage your users

  • Ensure both users and customers can be handled efficiently
  • Ensure the right users get access through permissions to different functions and information
  • Get feedback: Improve product documentation quality through easy feedback and short turn-around-time from end-users