Open Access
Digital Platform (OADP)

DiCiM vision

The DiCiM project is dedicated to demonstrating a comprehensive set of digital solutions that empower various stakeholders within the industrial value chain. These solutions facilitate value recovery activities, pivotal for advancing a circular economy. The central mission is to increase the return and remanufacturing of spare parts and appliances, thereby minimizing waste and promoting sustainable practices.



Being a central piece of the integrated digital solutions, OADP supports organisation and systems involved in the reverse lifecycle processes to share information in order to increase the number of returned and remanufactured spare parts and appliances.


The OADP platform is an open access platform with the purpose to solve general data sharing, management and publication issues for multiple organisations that cooperate in value recovery processes. The main functionality for the platform is:

Companies can join the OADP on two levels:

Use Cases

Expose Demand for used components in service portal

The OADP will integrate with C-ECO’s platform to inform a service technician or customer that orders a spare component in case there is an interest (option) for the replaced component. A return for the used component can be ordered together with an order for the spare component.

Expose Demand for used appliances in customer portal

The OADP will integrate with Lexmarks Collected By Lexmark (CBL) portal to show the takeback/buyback price for a list of printers. The price will be based on a machine learning model that takes into account the remanufacture level of the printers.

Inventory of returned appliances to enable reuse of parts

The OADP will integrate with Arçeliks warehouse applications to keep an inventory of returned appliances and the parts they contain. The collectable spare parts will be searchable and if removed, this will also be captured.

Standard product data format for reverse lifecycle processes

A standard API for sharing product information will be created that supports the needs of the reverse lifecycle processes. Data will be imported from C-ECO (products and BOMs), Lexmark (products), Arçelik (products and BOMs), Gorenje (IoT and ML results).

Try it yourself

A demonstration site which includes some publicly available data will be made available and consecutively improved during the course of the DiCiM project.

Funded by the European Union