Aftermarket PIM solution - A data warehouse for all aftermarket data with access through multiple clients and Web Services

It is crucial for businesses to provide correct, high-quality information about the products to the market. But unfortunately, product data is usually found in data silos. Signifikant is an Aftermarket PIM solution for the aftermarket, that helps companies seamlessly consolidate product information and effectively present it through a user-friendly interface. We enable distributed workgroups to work on the same repository and share the same information, thereby eliminating duplications and re-work.



The Signifikant platform provides the base for correct, complete, and accessible information about product structures and product information, spare parts, e-shopping, service information, and user feedback.

The Signifikant platform, which is used to store and distribute information, is an advanced Data Warehouse for handling all information that covers your products and it can be integrated with the source data from any PLM/ERP/CAD/DMS system and connected to any ERP/WEB shop and Ticketing systems for more transactional integration. This data warehouse enables collaborative teamwork in a distributed organization and it provides a unified structure of all information and allows for real-time updates of non-structure information, as pricing availability, and other types of parts-related information.


Typical sources of aftermarket information are PLM solutions, ERP/CAD systems, different drawing systems, document management solutions, various Excel/CVS sheets, and XML-based information. Source systems can also be the marketing and communication departments providing information material to all partners along with the complete distribution chain Integration. The Signifikant Manager is used to import information from different sources as PLM, DMS, and ERP. The import process is managed, by an import function, and definitions are set in the Signifikant Manager. Each interaction with a source system can be specified and used, repeatedly, when updating information from a specific source.


Featured Functionality

Seamless and effortless data transfer

  • Easily receive product and service information from external and internal sources and store it in a single system.
  • Files of various formats are quickly imported through standard formats such as XML, XLSX, CSV.
  • Overcome the bottlenecks of incompatible file types and formats, redundancy, and inefficient data maintenance.

Management and validation of huge product data sets and related information

  • Efficiently handle both initial data loading from legacy solutions as well as continuous maintenance of the aftermarket information
  • Import thousands of catalogues at the same time
  • Map product information to ensure higher sales through exposing relationships such as replacements, kits, accessories, variants in the SKU
  • Consolidated Masterdata for the aftermarket (PIM). Eliminate duplicate parts with the help of part storage

Sell More – Faster and Better

  • With a modular design of after sales information, lead times of new products have been cut to a few days (Product data imported from Business systems such as CRM, ERP, SRM CMS, etc)
  • Increase revenues by cross-selling products by bundling items based on attributes
  • Handle twice the number of products with the same staffing