Turn your Distributed Data
into Profitable Opportunity
Transform distributed and disparate aftermarket data into an extensive knowledge base for your service network.
Spare Parts eCommerce
Modern, full-featured webshop, specidially designed to sell spare parts and other aftersales products
Efficient Management
of Aftermarket Information
Preserve the value of your customers’ investment with Signifikant
Higher Revenue through
improved and faster Service
360 degree view of customers, products and parts information
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Unlock the full potential of your aftermarket revenue and guarantee that customers and service network always have the most current information on products, parts, and service information needed to support the product lifecycle.

Signifikant is an enterprise solution that enables the digital transformation of your aftermarket commerce and streamlines information syndication, thereby increasing profits, and improving customer satisfaction.

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Aftermarket PIM

Unlock the power of your aftermarket data with our robust PIM solution. Our Aftermarket PIM is a robust data warehouse that serves as a central repository, seamlessly aligning aftermarket information from multiple business units. With services designed to streamline and automate data imports, our solution ensures your aftermarket information is organized and accessible. 

Catalogue Solution

Experience the convenience of viewing all your aftermarket business information on a single platform. Our Catalogue Solution allows you to create customized products and parts catalogs effortlessly. We provide services to publish and distribute your aftermarket information across various formats, including web, XML, XLS, PDF, and custom formats. Simplify your workflow and enhance your efficiency with our publishing solutions.

After-Sales eCommerce and Services

Develop or integrate a robust web shop specifically tailored for selling spare parts and other products. Our platform not only supports a full-featured eCommerce solution but also integrates order processing tools for a smooth, efficient transaction experience. Equip your field teams with a complete, readily available knowledge base, ensuring they have the right information at the right time.

What is Signifikant?

With Signifikant, seamlessly convert your m-BOM into sellable s-BOM.
Our platform empowers your distribution network with essential spare parts information, detailed repair and machine handling guidance, and an effortless parts ordering process. Simplify claims handling and manage field payments seamlessly, all in one place.

Ideal for any customer

Discover how Signifikant can
empower aftermarket businesses

Farming and Forestry

Equip your end user to find the right information that enables them to reach the highest possible uptime of the machinery, independent of whether the equipment is in the middle of a forest or field, under transport or back at the estate.

Heavy Equipment

Ensure closer/continuous interactions with customers and provide them with the right aftersales service- or maintenance kits to hone machine performance and reduce total cost of ownership.

Consumer Goods/White Goods

Enable your end users to extend the lifetime of their product by ensuring they buy OEM/original parts – better fitting, longer lasting, and offer an online portal to enable self service.


Industrial Tools and Equipments

Strengthen your core business in parts, repairs and service by always up to date service parts, kits and replacements for your products, maintenance recommendations and documentation for compliance and usage.


What our customers are saying

"Many of the companies that sell pirated parts of Ålö, use our part numbers with some prefix/suffix and also use our branding. With Signifikant, we are able to provide a good system for the customers to find our original parts. The easier we make it for the customer to find us, the more we can block the grey market"
Lars Nilsson
Vice President Aftesales, Ålö AB
"The new Dometic Platform has given all our global sales companies the ability to order their spare parts online. This has given us much more flexibility in terms of a more professional Dometic Parts & Services business, thereby reducing complexity and mitigating operational risks at the same time. “The platform has created “Signifikant” value and efficiency for Dometic and will surely continue to do so going forward."
Toon Snoeren
Head of Parts and Services EMEA, Dometic Group
"It's Baoli pleasure to use Signifikant aftermarket information platform. In China, KION Baoli is among one of the few OEM that is using online parts catalogue system. With Signifikant platform's user-friendly function, our parts catalogs can be updated easily and accessed by our overseas customers, dealers and service team. With Signifikant aftermarket platform good support, both our customers and KION Baoli will benefit a lot."
Mr. Wang Gang
Spare parts manager at Baoli
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Why Signifikant

The Aftermarket Company

20+ years of experience in the aftermarket solutions industry, process know how through huge reference projects.

Customer first

Solve customer needs quickly, customize
solution to fit your aftermarket processes and needs.

Platform Flexibility

Highly configurable, adjustable and with vast customization options built into the architecture to aid your digital ambition.

Architecture & Information Model

Flexible architecture extensive set of functions and custom modules. Complex information model supporting various data types and processes.

One Stop Shop for After-Sales

One stop web shop for spare parts, wear parts, accessories, etc. Simplify ordering process, Ensure branding compliance across web storefronts.

Continuous improvement

Continuous development of our solution to keep up with the changing needs of the market; Industry and university engagements in research projects.