Efficient Management of Aftermarket Information
Provide the best aftermarket service to your complete distribution network and preserve the value of your customers’ investments.
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Sell Faster, Service Better
A pragmatic aftermarket business platform designed to strengthen your brand and overcome sales complexity.
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Bid Goodbye to Messy Data
Say hello to ease of doing business with a robust, well designed, easy to use and complete solution for the aftermarket.
About the Aftermarket Platform
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Aftermarket Business Platform

Aftermarket business platform 100% aligned to your needs

Signifikant is a robust end-to-end aftermarket business platform, that helps companies seamlessly consolidate product information and effectively present it through a user-friendly interface. The solution automates the entire process of data collection and validation, creation and management of aftermarket sales catalogue (right from creating a new catalogue to updating the catalogue information from a centralized environment), to distribute this information to partners, dealers, and customers through multi-channels including the web. The Signifikant aftermarket business platform is designed to serve both the B2B as well as B2C segments.

With the Signifikant aftermarket business platform, companies can quickly bring products to the market, improve cross-sell and upsell to both end customers and distributors while at the back end enable distributed workgroups to work on the same repository and share the same information, thereby eliminating duplications. 

Solutions for the aftermarket

Consolidate All Aftermarket Data

Eliminate silos and provide correct, high-quality information of the products to the market. Powerful central repository to align all aftermarket information from multiple business units.

Align and Publish

Automated creation of parts catalogues with illustrations, hotspots, and integrated parts list, with service-kit and replacement chain support for direct online access or offline or print distribution.

Sell the Right Part for the Right Price

Sell the right part for the right price every time. Enable customers to make quick and informed transactions. Uniquely combine an online shopping solution with an interactive aftermarket catalogue.

Signifikant Aftermarket Business Platform: An end-to-end Enterprise solution for spare parts Catalogue management and Aftermarket sales and service

Solutions for your business type


Manufacturers portal

See how e-catalogues and e-commerce enable manufacturers to save costs while enhancing aftersales revenues.

Popular Features and Benefits

  • Deliver the right information to the right user through a single channel
  •  Strengthen relationships with end customers, distributors, dealers, and workshops
  • Centralized catalogue authoring with all aftermarket data available in a central repository  Reduced manual labour and error


Distributors portal

Learn how to improve customer satisfaction by eliminating wrong orders through an easy and intuitive ordering system.

Popular Features and Benefits

  • Multi-brand management, 24/7 availability 
  • Seamlessly access and import information from OEMs
  • Web-browser based access to perform all the process functions
  • Track and trace orders and even keep a tab of parts sales tied to repair requests


The Signifikant Advantage

Many customers One product


The aftermarket company

20+ years of experience in the aftermarket solutions industry with in-depth process know-how through huge reference projects.

Customer First

Customer first

Solve customer needs quickly, customize solutions to fit your aftermarket processes and needs.



The easiest to use web viewer, with powerful search functionality to quickly find the right part.
Modern Technology

Modern Technology

A flexible architecture consisting of a base platform with an extensive set of functions and custom modules to add or modify according to business needs.


Improved customer experience

Simplify the ordering process for end-users, ensure branding compliance across web storefronts.


Continuous improvement

Continuous development of our solution to keep up with the changing needs of the market; Industry and university engagements in research projects.


What our customers are saying

“The platform has created “Signifikant” value and efficiency for Dometic, and will surely continue to do so going forward. Together with Signifikant we managed to successfully implement the new E- com website across EMEA in a record time and without major issues. The new Dometic Platform gave all our Global Sales companies the ability to order their spare parts online. This gave us much more flexibility in terms of a more professional Dometic Parts & Services business, thereby reducing complexity and mitigating operational risks at the same time"
Dometic Group
Toon Snoeren, Head of Parts Services EMEA
”Ålö AB took a big step forward in terms of improving the aftermarket service when we decided to implement Signifikant aftermarket information platform. This application is a good tool when it comes to managing the aftermarket information. Signifikant platform has comprehensive functionality and will support Ålö as we expand.”
Ålö AB
Anders Mill,Support Engineer
“In China, KION Baoli is among one of the few OEMs that is using an online parts catalog system. With the Signifikant platform user-friendly function, our parts catalogs can be updated easily and accessed by our overseas customers, dealers and service teams. With Signfikant aftermarket platform's good support, both our customers and KION Baoli will benefit a lot.”
Baoli - Kion Group
Wang Gang, Spare parts manager
"We need to be well positioned to manage our business for the current climate as well as future growth, we decided to invest in the aftermarket segment. We evaluated different solutions in the market and realized that Signifikant understood our needs and their aftermarket information platform had the most dynamic functions."
Voltas Limited
SK Sharan, General Manager Operations - Material Handling Division
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