Aftermarket Ordering and Ease of Business


Aftermarket: Ease of ordering is the key to long lasting and profitable customer relationships

Date: 08.04.2021

Time: 8am CET

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Language: Dutch

When buying spare parts in the after-market, the number 1 challenge for your customer is to find the right and compatible parts easily and quickly. Ordering the wrong part can have major consequences for your customers. When your organization is not in control of this process, customers simply turn to other online providers. You miss out on turnover with a high profit contribution. Your organization also loses sight of your customers and you lose control of the replacement purchase. Moreover, the use of counterfeit and / or inferior parts will greatly reduce the quality and lifespan of the carefully developed machines.


Ruud De Bruijckere and Roelof Swiers show how your organization can solve this challenge. They argue for a long-term customer relationship, improved customer satisfaction and more profit by offering spare parts and relevant customer information in a personalized way. Can you retain customers longer and sell more with a personalized portal? The answer, of course, is yes. What does the data say about machine use and purchasing behavior? And how do you use that knowledge to stay ahead of the competition?


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