Aftermarket Customer Journey


How to improve profitability over the full customer lifetime?

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Date: 2nd February, 2021

Time: 3pm CET ; Duration: 60 minutes


The Problem today: The challenge for a manufacturer is to reach profitability when selling a machine and over the full lifetime of the customer. On their side, customers want to preserve their investments and keep machines operational as long as possible. Your customers and end-users must find the proper instructions, correct parts, documentation, and service manuals or any information that enables them to reach the machinery’s highest possible uptime. This must work 24/7 in both on-line and offline mode.

What is Needed: A solution that seamlessly consolidates all aftermarket information and automates dataflows to enable customers and end-users to find and order the right parts easily.

The Solution: A unique end to end aftermarket portal delivers a powerful solution to reduce order time, minimize errors, and improve satisfaction.

Intershop and Signifikant, in this webinar, present a joined solution – an Aftermarket Customer Portal. We will dive into two typical customer journeys where the customers can purchase services and spare parts from a personalized catalog, with configuration and drawings of their existing installed base, aligned in real-time with after-sales and engineering departments and field data collected via IoT.

Key Takeaways:

  • Embark upon digital transformation for your spare parts line of business
  • Use your information advantage when competing in the aftermarket.
  • Strategically build up your aftermarket data as a PIM to be able to work with rich content.
  • Offer a seamless purchase experience to increase customer loyalty and turnover.

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Our experts:

Ruud De Bruijckere • VP Product Development • Signifikant

Ruud De Bruijckere has more than 25 years of experience within real-time expert systems, predictive maintenance, and aftermarket information management systems. Ruud is responsible for Signifikant’s research projects around circular economy and sustainable development.

Mauro Boffardi • Customer Success Manager • Intershop

Mauro has been an architect of multichannel e-commerce solutions for global manufacturers and wholesalers for over 20 years. He has spent his career engineering the ideal bridge between modern technologies and the end-to-end customer experience’s business needs. Very pragmatic and solution-oriented, Mauro supports Intershop’s clients in developing and implementing customer-centric digital strategies tailored to their unique needs.