Overcoming the aftermarket information challenge

Date: 29th September 2021

Time: 11:30 Us Eastern time /17:30 CET

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For complex products in manufacturing, construction, machinery, transport vehicles, medical devices and many other segments, it is crucial to be able to deliver service of top quality. This requires highest demand for access to all information for maintenance, diagnosis as well as correct, complete, and easily accessible product and parts information. A great aftersales customer experience ensures that your customers investment is preserved through the entire lifetime of the machine and thereby improved customer satisfaction. Join us as we take you through some of the real challenges faced by organizations when digitizing their aftermarket offer and how a holistic solution can aid in development of the right customer and service oriented portals.  


Join us as we answer the following:
How do organizations strategically build up aftermarket data as a PIM in order to be able to work with rich content?
How can OEMs use personalization in the spare parts business to minimize the risks of losing market share to third party vendors?
How is Väderstad moving towards their goal of increasing service levels and improved order handling efficiency ?


*Robin Falk : Director Business Support, Väderstad 
*Mattias Löfstrand : CEO, Signifikant
*Ruud De Bruijckere : VP Product Management, Signifikant