Spare Parts Business Platform 2020

Place: Frankfurt
Date: 11th and 12th February, 2020


Signifikant Svenska is one of the proud partners of one of europe’s largest spare parts focussed events.   Visit our booth to understand how Signifikant helps companies sell parts online and efficiently compete against the threat of the grey market.

We are also hosting an executive roundtable on the topic : The Era of Personalization of Parts Sales through ecommerce – As Amazon, E-bay and other traditionally B2C commerce platforms enter the B2B segment, there is an urgent need to provide B2B customers a smooth, easy and personalized sales experience. This experience needs to trickle down to the aftermarket sales and service sector – From search options to recommendations to one click check outs. How mature are your digital systems and are your businesses ready to welcome these changes?

If you would like to schedule a discussion with us, write to us at info@signifikant.se