Gain First Move Advantage


Future of the Aftermarket – Webinar 1

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Date: 27th August 2019

Time: 9am CET ; Duration: 30 minutes


This event has occurred in the past. 


Signifikant Svenska invites you to the first session of their webinar series on the Future of the Aftermarket.


A host of technological and business model trends are expected to disrupt the aftermarket industry over the next 3 to 5 years. new business models and technologies are changing the competitive landscape while at the same time, new players are entering the market and leveraging ecommerce to compete with established manufacturers.


During the 30 minute webinar, we will brief you on a few of the global trends in the aftermarkets, and also, showcase a few of our customers who have gained the first mover advantage. Ruud de Bruijckere, head of product development at Signifikant, will explain how participants can position themselves effectively against the disruptions characterising the aftermarket.


Key Benefits of attending this session:

–       Gain insight into the trends in digital transformation in the aftermarket

–       Understand shifting consumer behaviour in B2B ecommerce

–       View sophisticated aftermarket e-shops (tightly integrated with PIM and ERPs)