Signifikant for Farming & Forestry equipment manufacturers

Equip your end user to find the right information that enables them to reach the highest possible uptime of the machinery


Farmers and forestry operators rely heavily on their machines for their day-to-day operations, and any downtime can result in significant losses. Independent whether the equipment is in the middle of a forest or field, under transport or back at the estate, the end user must be able to find the right instructions, the correct parts, documentation, and service manuals or any information that enables them to reach the highest possible uptime of the machinery and this must work 24/7 in both on-line and offline mode. 

The Signifikant Aftermarket Platform are in use at many customers within the agriculture, farming and forestry industries as this solution is specially designed to be the “one stop shop” for all aftermarket information they provide to their dealers, distributors, resellers and end customers.

Significantly impact your customer's satisfaction and your bottom line

Providing accurate aftermarket information is vital for ensuring customers can order the correct parts, leading to better service and faster repairs.

Signifikant offers a solution with detailed parts catalogs, including part numbers, specifications, and compatibility information, helping customers easily find and order the correct parts, minimizing downtime and enhancing their experience.

Our solution

What Signifikant brings to OEMs

Service barriers removed -
User self-service, parts ordering

Diagnostic tools
Dealers, farmers equipped

Simplify information & ensure accurate choices

Accessible information everywhere with Online & Offline catalogues


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