Introducing the Open Access Digital Platform (OADP) for the Digital Circular Manufacturing Project


Introducing the Open Access Digital Platform (OADP) for the Digital Circular Manufacturing Project

In our commitment to advancing the circular economy, we are excited to introduce the Open Access Digital Platform (OADP) as one of the core elements of the Digital Circular Manufacturing (DiCiM) project. This innovative platform is designed to support various stakeholders in the industrial value chain, enabling them to effectively engage in value recovery activities through integrated digital solutions.

DiCiM Vision

Our vision for DiCiM is to demonstrate a comprehensive set of digital tools that facilitate value recovery processes, thereby promoting the principles of a circular economy. The OADP is central to this vision, providing a robust framework for organizations and systems involved in reverse lifecycle processes to seamlessly share information. This collaborative approach aims to increase the return and remanufacturing of spare parts and appliances, contributing significantly to sustainable manufacturing practices.

OADP: Key Functionalities

The OADP is an open access platform developed to address common challenges in data sharing, management, and publication across multiple organizations. Its primary functionalities include:

  • Import and Unification of Information: Aggregates data used in value recovery processes from various sources.
  • Enrichment and Publication: Enhances and distributes information across multiple channels.
  • Information Consumption: Allows users to access data through the OADP portal, files, or API.
  • System Integration: Connects with systems that provide essential functionality for value recovery processes.

Participation Levels

Companies can engage with the OADP at two distinct levels:

  • Customer Companies: These organizations primarily consume information provided by the platform.
  • Participant Companies: These entities both share and consume information, exercising granular control over data access to ensure confidentiality and relevance.

Practical Use Cases

The practical applications of OADP are vast and varied, reflecting its versatility and potential impact:

  1. Expose Demand for Used Components: By integrating with C-ECO’s platform, OADP informs service technicians or customers about the interest in replaced components, facilitating simultaneous orders for spare and returned components.
  2. Demand for Used Appliances: Through integration with Lexmark’s Collected By Lexmark (CBL) portal, OADP showcases takeback/buyback prices for printers, leveraging machine learning models to determine remanufacture levels.
  3. Inventory Management: OADP’s integration with Arçelik’s warehouse applications maintains an inventory of returned appliances and their parts, enabling easy search and capture of collectable spare parts.
  4. Standard Product Data Format: A standardized API will be developed for sharing product information, supporting the unique needs of reverse lifecycle processes. Data sources include C-ECO, Lexmark, Arçelik, and Gorenje.

The OADP represents a significant step forward in enabling the circular economy through digital innovation. By fostering collaboration and data sharing, we aim to support the efficient recovery and reuse of valuable resources across the industrial value chain.

To witness the transformative capabilities of OADP, a demonstration site featuring publicly available data is accessible and will be continuously enhanced throughout the DiCiM project. Explore the platform and its potential at

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