Full-featured webshop especially designed to sell spare parts and other products

few clicks order

Find, order & pay for your products in a few clicks. Differentiated prices & one-page checkout.

shopping cart

Sell more parts. Make it very easy for all users to place an order.

web shop management

Manage the web shop efficiently through a single web interface or integrated with the catalogue.

Sell spare parts - Adding parts to order has never been easier. With modern webshop design, users will be accustomed from the start.

Find, order, and pay products in a few clicks

Mobile webshop
Create a mobile version through an intuitive and user-friendly graphical user interface with just one click.

Search engine optimization
Combines all the features necessary to improve site search ranking against similar sites.

Support multiple brands and regions by running more than one store from a single installation.

Allow anonymous checkout without creating an account. Reduce time dramatically by one-page checkout.

Product features
Create as many attributes as needed for products; Compare product features side by side.

Language support
Information in multiple languages. Translation support provided. Application in selected languages.

Payment methods
Accept all major credit and debit cards. Limit payment methods per country.

Sell Better, Service Faster

Order parts
Adding parts to order has never been easier. With modern webshop design, users will feel accustomed from start.

Order history
Allow users to see their order history, save order templates and see the status of orders.

Integrated orders
Integration with ERP, e-Commerce, or other solution ensures orders are placed directly in back-end systems. For lightweight implementations, Assert supports Excel-based integrations.

Increase average order size with cross-selling, up-selling, reward points, sales statistics, and newsletters.

Increase sales with customer newsletters, campaigns, and discounts.

Efficiently Manage your Webshop

Administrate all webshop functionality through a web-based interface. Or integrate with the catalogue and publish all aftermarket parts and wear parts from the catalogue to the webshop.

Follow up
Follow orders, shipments, return requests, and deliveries. Get statistics for bestsellers, wish lists, and non-sellers.

Content management
Create a vivid website using tools and widgets e.g. polls, news items, blog entries, and themes.

Customer management
Manage information, history, and preferences for customers. Monitor online customers.

Security and permissions
Configure specific rules and permissions for users and groups of users. Allow login using OpenID, Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.