From Content Silos to
Case-based Workflows

Signifikant Aftermarket PIM

In today’s business world, information is crucial for performing tasks efficiently. However, with companies collecting and managing vast amounts of data, it’s important to provide only relevant information to users based on their role, skill level, task, and location. Consider the challenge of a service organization dealing with a broken €400K forestry machine and needing reliable, relevant information immediately to avoid downtimes that disrupt business.

To address this issue, Signifikant has developed a three-step approach to deliver highly personalized information from content silos to case-based workflows. The approach includes consolidation, tagging, and filtering. Signifikant’s three-step approach helps companies overcome the challenges of content silos and delivers highly personalized aftermarket information to users in case-based workflows. By consolidating, tagging, and filtering information, Signifikant enables companies to provide relevant and reliable information to users, empowering them to perform their tasks efficiently and effectively.



Information is often stored in specialized tools with different technologies, structures, and terminologies. Signifikant preserves these tools and their unique features while consolidating the data in a unified aftermarket database. This ensures that information from each tool is imported, mapped, and synchronized regularly to maintain a consistent and up-to- date data set.



All information, from small text fragments to complete catalogues or information types, is tagged for multiple purposes. Tags are used to determine the machines for which the information is valid, such as serial numbers, production dates, or machine characteristics. Tags also determine which users the information is relevant to, based on their roles, language preferences, and skill levels.



This is applied to ensure that only relevant information is delivered to users. Information is filtered based on the user’s role, preferred language, skill level, organization’s partnership type, agreements, subscriptions, customer’s machines, and the task at hand. This ensures that users receive information that is tailored to their specific needs, eliminating the need to browse through multiple catalogues or tools to find the relevant information.

Say goodbye to information overload and hello to personalized content with Signifikant's innovative approach.