The Signifikant Aftermarket Platform

Unlock the full potential of your aftermarket operations with Signifikant. Whether you’re looking to optimize product information management, enhance customer engagement, or streamline sales processes, the Signifikant Aftermarket Platform provides the tools and technology you need to succeed. 


We understand the critical importance of delivering top-quality service and ensuring easy access to spare parts and maintenance information. This demands immediate access to comprehensive maintenance, diagnosis, and product information, along with swift and efficient spare part retrieval. The Signifikant Aftermarket Information Platform is engineered to streamline these processes, ensuring your products are supported by high-quality, easily accessible information round the clock, globally.

Core Components & Features

The Signifikant Base Suite

At the heart of our platform is the editorial environment where aftermarket information is managed. This suite includes the Manager “the editor” for organizing and producing spare part catalogues, integrated seamlessly with your existing systems.


Tailor the platform to your branding and provide a personalized and cohesive user experience.

The Signifikant Web Viewer

A central component that allows unlimited number of end-users to access published information easily through web browsers and mobile devices, including a web shop functionality for e-commerce transactions.

Comprehensive Integration

Connect seamlessly with source systems such as PLM/PDM, CAD, ERP, and more, ensuring all your crucial product information is synchronized and up-to-date.


Expand with Optional Functionality

Beyond the Base Suite

Enhance your platform with additional brands, managers, and an offline viewer for comprehensive coverage and accessibility.

Advanced Modules

From asset management and custom filtering to cross-selling in your web shop and ticketing system integrations, our platform is designed to grow with your needs.

Why Signifikant?

Increased Aftermarket Sales

Our platform serves as a single source of truth, enabling up-to-date product information distribution across the entire lifecycle and distribution chain.

24/7 Global Access

Provide around-the-clock access to critical maintenance and product information, empowering resellers, partners, and end- users worldwide.

Customization & Flexibility

Tailor the platform with add-ons and optional functionalities like the offline viewer, asset module, claims management, and more to meet your unique business needs.

Proven Efficiency

Embrace a platform that simplifies complex processes, reduces manual efforts, and ensures the highest quality of information dissemination.

Efficient Information Management

From importing thousands of catalogs simultaneously to automating spare parts catalog creation, our platform streamlines your content management process, saving you time and money.

A few of our satisfied customers

Know more about how we help companies achieve better outcomes by reading our success stories. For more details, please write to us at

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