Reflecting on a Day of Insightful Dialogues at E-connect 2024


Reflecting on a Day of Insightful Dialogues at E-connect 2024

Mattias Löfstrand and Karishma Rao moderated an engaging series of round table discussions at E-connect 2024, where thought leaders from across manufacturing industries gathered to delve into the future of aftermarket eCommerce, Product Information Management (PIM), and digital transformation strategies.

Our topic of discussion: Streamlining the Buyer Journey: The Role of Quality Data and Effective Aftermarket Asset Management.*

Highlights  (round table 4: the Buyer Journey: The Role of Quality Data and Effective Aftermarket Asset Management):

  • Round 1: Explored challenges in aligning product strategies with B2B eCommerce needs, highlighting the importance of one-click online payments, maintenance tools for information dissemination, and the integration of distribution networks to maintain brand consistency.
  • Round 2: Sparked meaningful debates on the complexities of buyer onboarding, the integration of ERP systems, and the need for enhanced search functionalities. Notably, discussions on digitized ordering and predictive maintenance showcased the industry’s move towards more efficient, customer-centric solutions.
  • Round 3: Focused on the critical role of data in driving decisions, the potential of generative AI in service optimization, and the importance of data accuracy and installed base management for maximizing value from digital touchpoints.
  • Round 4: Offered insights into the evolving landscape of digital asset management, with discussions on traceability, the dilemma between repairing or replacing assets, and the increasing need for personalized product content.
  • Round 5: Wrapped up with forward-thinking conversations on continuity in the parts business, innovative bundling strategies, and the imperative for robust obsolescence monitoring.

Key Takeaways:

Across the discussions, several themes emerged, notably the importance of a customer-centric approach in the B2B aftermarket space, the ongoing need for consolidating and evolving digital and data landscapes, and the crucial role of 24/7 post sales support solutions. The concept of a digital passport and the push towards digitalization with a human touch were among the innovative ideas shared.

The event underscored the critical need for industry leaders to embrace digital transformation, leveraging AI for guided selling/services, and ensuring seamless integration of systems, data points and data. The discourse on tracking products+parts continuity, one-click solutions, data management, and the ongoing dilemma of repair or replace provided a rich ground for future exploration and innovation.

As we reflect on the rich dialogues and shared experiences, it’s clear that the path forward is one of collaboration, innovation, and a relentless focus on delivering value to customers through digital excellence.

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