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Signifikant Release 4.5


Signifikant Release 4.5

Signifikant version 4.5 has been released this summer with improved and new exciting features

What’s New:

New login page design options: Login page can now be configured with a background image. A total of three options are possible:

  • Centered login
  • Right side adjusted login
  • Classic login with no image
Signifikant Release 4.5

Database: The Signifikant platform has its own database which contains the published information, handles access rights, allows synchronization with offline installations etc.

In addition to improving optimizations whne having large databases, we have also introduced working sets in order to create a sub-set of the total data to reduce loading times of storages.

  • Catalogues which has any of the defined specifications and all their related content will be the defined working set

Templates for catalogues: It is now possible to define a template for new catalogues through configuration. When new catalogues are created a set of nodes will be generated automatically in the catalogue.


The latest version contains bug fixes and performance improvements


Search functionality for end user: Signifikant’s platform’s already strong search functionality has been further improved to allow the end customer to quickly find the product through better navigation and facet based search. (Facets are a way to add specific, relevant options to your search results pages or category listings)

  • Define custom categories apart from the standard part, catalogue, document etc
  • Navigate to search result by pressing enter
  • Allow to select specifications as facets  
  • Show facets as columns in search result
  • Allow to display if catalogue has content already in search result
  • Filter on facets

Search functionality for Editor in Manager: Now the Editor has the possibility to search for presentations. It is possible to navigate to the presentation or the storage with the presentation selected.

Documents: In the earlier versions documents could be stored in multiple languages and then referred to and in the catalogues. We have now enabled documents as references to external documents using URL. The documents may still handle different languages, have metadata for search and presentation  etc.

Signifikant Release 4.5

Other Improvements

Manager tool

  • Copy specifications from product to presentation in product
  • Limit publish with specification
  • Part edit in new window
  • Add more selected information on many items at the same time in the Manager tool

Web Viewer

  • Allow to save orders in Signifikant database also when having external providers
  • Allow to configure order type and delivery options
  • Allow to choose separater when importing parts to order
  • Profile.config snippets to make handling of multi-server installations easier

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