Signifikant Aftermarket Business Platform
Summer 2021 Release - Version 5.1

Signifikant releases the latest version of the Signifikant Aftermarket Business Portal. The new release includes new modules, interface improvements, better user experience, enhanced PIM functionalities and architectural changes. 

Assets Module (NEW!)

As-Maintained Information on and of your Machine

Our team has worked hard on building this new and exciting module. Thanks to inputs and requirements from our customers, we now have an Assets Module that allows manufacturers and service organizations get information on the as-maintained configuration of machinery in use.


So Why an Assets Module?

In 2021, users and buyers of machines are looking at long term usage of their equipment and hence expect the best service to be provided. For this, manufacturers would need it to stay close to their customers and be able to give them the best service. With the assets module  users, owners and service organisation will have all information about a machine (from manufacturing to as maintained) in one place.

What’s all the fuss and what are the features?

  • Get personalized information for each machine
  • A machine card with the configuration of the machine
  • View my machines (permission based), Handle my machines and register new machines
  • Add notes on machine cards to keep track of changes and modifications, and allow feedback
  • Direct link to the spare part catalogue(s), instructions and documentation, and to an augmented reality experience
  • Data for ownership of machines
  • API based access to utilize external sources of serial numbers and machine cards
  • And finally, include filter information in catalogues based on information on the machine cards as serial number, components or custom product definition string (”dna”)

New and improved on the Ecommerce web front

We understand that the expectations that users bring with them from their B2C shopping experienc­es must be met even, and this includes better design and user experience in addition to personalization. This release also includes new functionalities and features that enhance the buyer’s journey.

IMAGE OPTIONs & improved UI/UX

  • Images can now be of two types: regular images and image sequences
  • Use URLs for referring images in external solutions
  • Image sequences are used for 360 degree viewing
  • Regular images support web and high resolution images, where high resolution image is used for zoom in
  • GUI Improvements like,
    • Order page
    • Grouping of information
    • Custom view for footer
    • Search result as gallery
  • Tree navigation using keyboard for faster navigation for power users
  •  Parts Selectors: Now make it easy for users to find options to parts, for example. display colour options to a part or parts with different properties

Market selector

Distributors and customers can now chose the market/region of their choice and see relevant prices and availability details. This country-wise customized set up is another extension of our personalization offering and prices and availability will be fetched/imported from APIs or values in databases.

Other Enhancements and Improvements

Self Service Functionality

With this improved functionality, your users and customers have the possibility to now edit permissions of other sub-users/user groups in addition to being able to update and manage available information

  • Allow customers to manage their own information
  • Update shipping and billing addresses available



Allow users to quickluy access certain information without having to leave the application. Widgets can be tests or URLs and may include attributes such as user/product/catalogue information.

  • Allow to include widgets on all presentations and assets


  • Support for Google Tag Manager
  • More options for Google Search optimizations
  • Handling of multiple warehouses
  • New APIs providing easier access to parts information to your distribution 

PIM/Database functionalities

web shop management

Improved Validation

More validation options added


Task Manager

Extended to be able to run sql and powershell scripts along with already existing imports and publish processe


BOM Imports

Multilevel BOM import from xlsx to make it easier to import attributes on assemblies

For further information or for a demo of the system, write to / contact us via our contact form