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Signifikant Releases new Version of the the Aftermarket Business Platform


Signifikant Releases new Version of the the Aftermarket Business Platform

Signifikant launches the next generation of its Aftermarket Business Solution. The new release includes an improved user interface, personal­ization functionalities for ecommerce sup­port and many new integrations and plug-ins to import and export systems. With this version, it is now much easier for editors to publish catalogues while at the same time, enabling businesses to sell parts through a modern, almost B2C-like web store.

What’s New in Signifikant 5.0

Now more than ever, it is as important to provide relevant buyer-specific information to help customers find the right product. The expectations that users bring with them from their B2C shopping experienc­es must be met. And that is why, today, personalisation is a key element in designing an eCommerce solution. The latest version of the robust aftermarket platform has been improved to cater to this new buyer expectations, tailored for the needs of the aftermarket.

What’s improved in this release

  • New User Experience:
    • Modern design for webshop pages with the inclusion of hero images, scrollable single pages and new design options
    • Improved support for responsive webshops, especially for mobile devices
  • Aftermarket specific Cross Sales and Sales Statistics:
    • Cross sales functionality based on sales statistics to sell featured products, recommended based on previous orders, etc. 
    • Sales statistics available that includes Sales statistics per product, customer, user
  • New Order Process: Quick order with built-in part search, order reviews, address selectors
  • New database to support more images and other features
  • Shopping lists: Anonymous users allowed to create lists that can be downloaded and/or emailed
  • Bulletins/Subscription lists: Allow users to subscribe for bulletins while also selecting frequency of mails
  • Aftermarket PIM modules functionalities
    • Increased options for imports and exports that includes new plugins, XLSX imports
    • Improved validation options and visibility
  • Task Scheduler: New features to ensure higher productivity and allow prioritization of tasks
  • Shopping lists: Convert list to order at sign in

For more details on the release (CLICK HERE) or write to

ABOUT: Our mission is to provide a complete solution for the aftermarket, that serves as one of the levers of an organization’s digital transformation. With our flagship solution, the Signifikant Aftermarket Business Platform, a state-of-the-art ecommerce platform, we enable companies to im­prove their profitability by supporting their aftermarket digital commerce strategy.

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