Signifikant Aftermarket Business Platform
April 2020 Release - Version 5.0

Aftermarket Business Platform - B2C and eCommerce

Signifikant launches the next generation of its Aftermarket Business Solution. The new release includes an improved user interface, personal­ization functionalities for eCommerce sup­port and many new integrations and plug-ins to import and export systems. With this version, it is now much easier for editors to publish catalogues while at the same time, enabling businesses to sell parts through a modern, almost B2C-like web store.


Now more than ever, it is as important to provide relevant buyer-specific information to help customers find the right product. The expectations that users bring with them from their B2C shopping experienc­es must be met. And that is why, today, personalization is a key element in designing an eCommerce solution. The latest version of the robust aftermarket platform has been improved to cater to this new buyer’s expectations, tailored for the needs of the aftermarket.


Relevant search results, lesser number of clicks, saved payments, no overload of information – these are just a few of the expectations of today’s online buyer. As a seller, it is as important to provide relevant buyer-specific information as it is to help customers find the right product. Personalization is a key element in designing an eCommerce solution. Typically, a well-implemented personalization strategy can increase customer experience, customer retention, loyalty to your business, and revenue. 


eCommerce & webshop functionalities

Cross Sales and Statistics

Use cross-sales and up-sales strategies for your spare part business. Cross-sales and up-sales will differ a bit compared to product sales. What others have shown interest in will not be relevant, and algorithms presenting offerings based on statistics can turn out to be misleading. Instead, it must be based on the experience of a spare part team and tailored to the specific product. When a customer orders a spare part for a product, an accessory that fits that product may be relevant. Suggesting additional spare parts that may be wearing down could give great value to the user

  • Products, parts, and kits can be presented based on sales statistics


  • Sales statistics per product, customer, user


  • Present cross-sale parts on products, accessories, and parts


  •  Accessories showcased on the order page
Intershop article

User Experience and Design Aspects

Good look and feel, easy navigation, and responsiveness rank high up on customers’ expectations for any kind of online portals. A positive user experience means a happy customer and improved customer satisfaction. The UX of a website conveys to the buyer a brand’s message, values, etc through interactive content, images, and information. At the same time, navigation needs to be simple, follow best practices, and make it easy for the user to find parts and products in as few clicks as possible. And lastly, a responsive website that can be viewed on any browsing device is equally important in keeping customers and improving engagement.

          Design your start page and product pages with more design options

          Fit more information into each page by scroll-able pages

          Use hero images and span fields to give a more modern approach

          Better support for mobile devices

          Multiple images on most objects

          Quick navigation between objects on the same level

Shopping Lists and Order Process

B2B buyers expect a smooth and easy checkout process. It is necessary to provide one-step ordering, easy to create shopping lists, price lists, and more. Also, users should be able to place orders directly on the system, or via downloaded shopping lists to be mailed for batch processing.

• Allow anonymous users to create a shopping list and allow these users to send the list by email or download it
• Ensure the shopping list can be imported in order
• Allow presenting list prices
• Convert shopping list to order at sign in
• Order process in several steps including review
• Possibility to download documentation for the order
• Quick order feature with built-in part search
• Address selector with built-in address search

Order Process
Shopping list

Other Improved feature sets

Download functions

          Allow downloading all parts from a host of catalogues

          Allow downloading all catalogues used in a list of parts

          Allow downloading all documents from a list of catalogues

          On the order page, download all documentation for the order


          Let your users subscribe to newly published bulletins

          Select between daily and weekly mail with all news bulletins

          Bulletins sent based on permissions


          Exclude parts from the kit lookup

          Login page image carousel

          Document previews

          Single address discontinued

          Presentation templates in config

PIM/Database functionalities


Import Options

Several new XLSX imports for catalogues, specifications, etc., inRiver plugin, XML for all data.


Export Options

More export options like XML for parts and XLSX for exporting parts and catalogues.


APIs to query data

APIs sent directly to your query data to get exactly what is needed.

web shop management

Improved Validation

More validation options and validation may be visible in storages.


Reference Information

Now it is possible to reference information based on specifications.

Manager tool Functionalities and features


Task Scheduler

Allow to schedule import, publish, and cleanup tasks, Support to manage imports from various sources separately, Schedule tasks daily, weekly or monthly.

Product information

New Database

Version 5 runs on a new database that supports more images and other features.



Edit multiple fields at the same time and move away from one by one editing.



The editor can now easily navigate from the part directly to replacements.



Modified functionality to now replaces data with the copy function.

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