Signifikant's Growing Partner Network
What happened in 2021?

Partnerships at Signifikant – 2021:

The last two years have been quite a rollercoaster journey for most companies, and at Signifikant Svenska AB, it was no different. The pandemic has forced us all to relook into our ways of doing business, our processes and how teams can work together despite remote working. We have managed to maintain a well designed process for our business and product development. One important channel has always been our partner network and the last couple of months has been a testament to that.


In 2021, we signed up with four new partners with whom we share the same common goal to help companies digitize their aftermarket offering. It has been an exciting journey right from the onboarding process to the latest discussions on our joint Go To Market approach for 2022. We have some exciting plans and initiatives in the pipeline. Stay Tuned!


The last 12 months have also been a period where we have worked hard together in order to test out new approaches in the market; ones that are more tuned to the business scenario in a Covid world. With our long term partners, we have worked on enhancing our product offering to include applications within Augmented Reality, and have had a fantastic pipeline built up by their continuous sales and marketing efforts. There has also been great collaboration with our commerce solutions partner to bring out more awareness in the market about the digital offering through whitepapers, webinars and more. Links to all above mentioned activities can be found in the comments section.


Additionally, our product development team has been closely working with our research partners on a joint solution that will aid with usage tracking and health monitoring functions of machines.

Collaboration is the key to business growth and success and for that we are thankful to the continuous efforts and joint contributions by our partner network.


As a dear colleague says – Team Work, Works!


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