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What happened in 2021?

In 2021, we have collaborated with multiple partners and agencies in order to bring out more meaningful content and resources. Below are some of the resources that we are pleased to have published and/or featured in.

exciting award by CIO Review Europe

In 2021, Signifikant was chosen as one of the most Promising Product Management Solution Providers in Europe by CIO Review Europe. 

NEW Reading Resources

Aftermarket Quarterly April 2021


A common theme that binds the articles of the 2021 April edition is DIGITAL. Every industry today is talking about going digital and the internet of things. And can the aftermarket be far behind? We have a nice explainer walking the reader through the differences in all terms digital (page 17)


As you browse through this edition, you can read about costly mistakes organizations make when working through their S-BOMs (Page 7). Follow this up with the write up on omnichannel customer interactions for auto service centres(Page 4), then the emergence of 3D printing in the spare parts business (Page 10), and the rise of video content – not just for Gen Z but also for businesses (Page 14).

Whitepaper on Aftermarket Ecommerce, in collaboration with Intershop

Businesses need to make it easier for customers and supply chain partners to find, select, buy and install the right spare parts – not only in the automotive sector. Buyers must have access to correct, complete, and high-quality information of the products and matching spare parts through easily accessible channels such as e-catalogs, digital customer portals, and e-commerce sites.


When purchasing a spare part for service or repair, customers need to be provided with accurate aftermarket information. This whitepaper discusses the importance of a tight integration of an aftermarket PIM and a digital customer portal with personalization strategies.


Questions answered in this whitepaper:

  • How is the aftermarket changing?
  • What is the aftermarket information challenge?
  • How to provide good and relevant data?
  • What will delight your aftermarket customers and enable growth?


With the Signifikant Platform, companies can quickly bring products to the market, improve cross sell and upsell to both end customers and distributors while at the back end enable distributed work groups to work on the same repository and share same information, thereby eliminating duplications.


Watch the Signifikant Overview Video Below or on our YouTube Channel

Intershop and Signifikant have partnered to offer a comprehensive solution for the aftermarket that combines data harmonization and parts catalog editorial tools with a personalized and engaging e-commerce experience in a modern Customer Portal.



Watch a demonstration of how a customer portal would look like below or on our Youtube Channel


Upcoming Events and WEbinars

Leverage the Aftermarket with Signifikant & Intershop  : Webinar and Live Event

Aftermarket sales has long been underestimated as a critical pillar for revenue growth and profits. But in fact, everything from spare parts, wear parts and consumables, to maintenance and pay-as-you-go items has the potential to become a manufacturer’s next low-cost continuous revenue stream.

Expert insights: How to get your organization and data ready for e-commerce in 2022  

Is your organization ready for aftermarket e-commerce from an organizational, architectural and information perspective? We will answer 4 key questions backed up by industry examples.

Live Webinar and Q&A session

Date: February 1, 2022
Time: 11:00 – 12:00
Language: English

Onsite Event:

 Aftermarket E-Commerce Forum “Unearth the Aftermarket Commerce Goldmine”


Date : March 16th


Place: Malmö, Radisson Blu Hotel


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Recorded Webinars


Podcast on tapping into the value of aftermarket service

Signifikant was invited to be part of an episode on the podcast series hosted by Share PLM.


In this episode, they talked about a very important part of the lifecycle that is often a bit neglected or not valued enough, but yet really contains the key of many opportunities or if not looked after, it could be potentially a risk. And this part of the life cycle is the aftermarket and how can companies start capitalizing on the aftermarket and what are the risk of not doing so?


Listen to the episode on SharePLM’s Website