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Synchronize your spare parts data, Simplify your aftermarket processes and Satisfy your customers and dealers.

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Enable your eCommerce customers to find the right part and add it to their shopping cart with one click

eCommerce Dometic Group

Click below to learn more about how our platform enabled Dometic to launch a strong eCommerce portal for the aftermarket. 

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Reduce parts search time through intuitive search 

Consolidate master data for the aftermarket (PIM) to showcase up-to-date and correct parts information

One page checkout enabling faster buying process for the customer/dealer

Speed up the order fulfilment process with ERP integration

Improve customer loyalty by offering personalized and  unique user experience

Increase revenues by cross/up-selling products by bundling items based on attributes

Our eCommerce functionality features customized functionalities that will help you offer a customer-centric experience and increase your parts sales.

eCommerce and other disruptive technologies are transforming the traditional B2B business model from a product-focused approach towards a consumer experience-based approach. Signifikant’s modern and reliable integrated solution can empower organizations to effectively use “good data” to sell more and service better through a user-friendly UX-based webshop.

The platform has advanced features for Spare Parts sale and can be used as a standalone system or integrated with the company ERP. As an add-on to traditional eCommerce solutions for products, Signifikant provides specific support for replacement/replacement chains of spare parts and the creation of service kits, normally offered to service organizations and other functionality special to the sale of spare parts.

The Signifikant Web Shop is a portal specially designed to sell spare parts, components, and services related to the needs of the Aftermarket eCommerce. The offers can be any of the following: Spare parts, Tools, Accessories, Merchandise, Consumables, Services, Insurance, Documentation, amongst many others

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