Personalization in the Spare Part Business


Personalization in the Spare Parts Business

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Date: 10th June, 2020

Time: 10am CET ; Duration: 60 minutes




Implementing smart personalization strategies in the spare part business, is bound to increase your customer’s experience and at the same time efficiently compete with third party vendors. While B2C personalization is aimed at driving sales by making the customer add more items to the shopping basket, often by “impulse buys”, B2B personalization must be more sophisticated. It is unlikely a B2B customer will engage in a procurement process on impulse. Instead B2B personalisation must create value and efficiency for the user.

Join Mattias Löfstrand, CEO – Signifikant Svenska AB, as he walks through the modern B2B aftermarket buyer’s journey and the role of personalization in building efficient customer portals.

In this webinar, we touch upon:
– Why personalization is important in the aftermarket and spare part sales
– Strategies for personalization such as keeping track of install base, cross sales, replacements management, technical bulletins, etc
– How Signifikant’s aftermarket solution has helped companies with their ecommerce strategy