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Signifikant Solution for Farming and Forestry Machine manufacturers

Agricultural and forest machinery (farming and forestry) manufactures are under heavy pressure to provide better products for the automation and digitalization of the industry. The result is solutions that are increasing in complexity but with features and functions that respond to the never-ending challenges of the industries.


The real challenge for a manufacturer is to preserve their customers’ investments and to secure their need for increased profitability over the full lifetime of the investment. Independent whether the equipment is in the middle of a forest or field, under transport or back at the estate, the end-user must be able to find the right instructions, the correct parts, documentation, and service manuals, or any information that enables them to reach the highest possible uptime of the machinery and this must work 24/7 in both on-line and offline mode. 

Features and Functionalities


Easy and Seamless Information Consolidation

Easily consolidate all relevant aftermarket information like Illustrated interactive parts catalogue, instructions, manuals, videos, security info, etc.


Sturdy Information base for Aftermarket Portal

Combine all your product information, including the graphical parts into a complete SBOM to be used as the base for your published aftermarket portal.


Easy to Search, Find and Place Order

Link the right BOM to the correct machines thereby making it easier to search for the right parts in fewer clicks.

web shop management

Automated Dataflows

Integrate with your CADs, PLMs, CRM, to establish a data flow that you can automate, and update whenever you want.


Rich and Intuitive eCommerce solution

Establish a full e-commerce solution with up-to-date information for replacement chains, discounts/pricings/availability, instructions, videos, manuals, product updates, and more.

What Signifikant brings to the manufacturer

 We offer you a platform of your choice and “look-and-feel” to enable your customer’s productivity to reach a higher level and to increase the up-time of their investment.


The platform can be stand-alone or integrated with your existing Web infrastructure.


The platform can be used for full e-commerce B2B, or B2C or be interfaced to your existing e-commerce solution, ERP, or Webshop in use.


The platform will support your full distribution network for all Aftermarket needs and the platform is an Open Platform that “will fit like a glove” into your needs.

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