New Release May 2024

Signifikant releases the latest version of Signifikant Aftermarket Platform, version 5.3.

This update brings several exciting new features and improvements, enhancing both functionality and user experience. Here’s a detailed overview of what’s new in this release:

Key Features and Enhancements

1. GDPR Compliance Popup

In our ongoing commitment to data privacy, a new GDPR compliance popup will display when users enter the site. This feature allows users to opt out of all but mandatory cookies, ensuring adherence to GDPR regulations and providing users with greater control over their data.

2. Customizable Toolbar Links

We have introduced the capability to define a toolbar menu with links, giving users more flexibility in navigating the platform. This enhancement aims to streamline access to frequently used features and resources.

3. Dealer Order Email

Organizations can now be defined as dealers, unlocking several new capabilities:

  • Display dealer logos on pages using a URL.
  • Send orders via email to the dealer when the URL is used.
  • Manage dealer-specific email addresses and logos through the admin interface.

4. Multiple Authentication Methods

Version 5.3 supports multiple authentication methods for the same site, enhancing security and flexibility:

  • Two out-of-the-box methods: Signifikant Database and SAML.
  • Authentication methods can be selected based on user type.
  • Permission groups can be connected to Active Directory (AD) groups if SAML is used.
  • SAML configuration has been revised for improved integration.

5. Navigate URL Feature

A new general navigate URL feature allows products, parts, assemblies, serial numbers, and organizations (dealers) to be added directly in the URL, streamlining navigation and access to specific content.

6. User Action Logging

To improve auditing and security, certain user actions are now logged:

  • Changes to permissions configuration in admin.
  • Changes to user permissions in admin.
  • User logins and views of specific information

7. Web Viewer Enhancements

Several minor updates to the web viewer include:

  • GUI touch-ups for a better user experience.
  • New language support for Thai and Vietnamese.
  • Limits on sites per URL.
  • Server name added to the admin dashboard.
  • Additional settings moved to web config.

8. Watermarking Illustrations

The publish process now supports adding watermark text to illustrations, ensuring the integrity of the original database while allowing for different watermark configurations.

9. Additional Improvements

Replace in selected products: This feature allows specific parts to be replaced within a subset of catalogues.

Search all changes: View all changes to Manager data in one searchable, filterable, and exportable table.

Enhanced User Permissions Management: User and permission management has been significantly improved to allow for the following:

  • Users can now be classified into different types.
  • Permissions can be defined per user type, ensuring that internal users can be administrators while external users cannot.
  • Admins can manage permission groups and types within the web viewer’s admin interface.

10. Architectural Updates

  • Azure SQL support.
  • Revised server.config.
  • Regular security updates.

We are committed to continuously improving our platform to meet the evolving needs of our users. For more detailed information on the update,please contact our support team or write to us at