New Release – Signifikant Version 5.3


New Release – Signifikant Version 5.3

We’ve just released version 5.3 of the Signifikant Aftermarket Platform. This latest version includes a host of new features and enhancements designed to improve both functionality and user experience. Key highlights of this release include the introduction of a GDPR compliance popup, customizable toolbar links, dealer order emails, and multiple authentication methods. These updates not only enhance security and flexibility but also streamline navigation and provide greater control over data and user actions. Additionally, the new navigate URL feature and user action logging further bolster the platform’s usability and auditing capabilities.

Other significant improvements include web viewer enhancements, watermarking illustrations during the publish process, and several architectural updates such as Azure SQL support and revised server configurations. We are committed to continuously refining our platform to meet the evolving needs of our users. For a more detailed overview of the new features and enhancements in this release, please visit our website and read the full release notes.

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